As a fitness professional I’m occasionally asked to review products which I consider to be a nice little perk of the job. So when chocolatier Carole Armitage got in touch to ask if I’d be willing to sample her signature chocolates and give an honest opinion from a runner’s perspective... well, she didn’t have to ask twice. 

Firstly you should know that I’ve been a fitness professional for over 18 years now and I’ve seen every diet going. I’m old school and I truly believe that a healthy, balanced diet combined with a good exercise routine is a pretty solid formula. I wholehearted disagree with dieting, drastic transformation programmes and ‘cleanses’ whereby you effectively starve yourself for a few days. I can already feel myself getting wound up at just the mention of it so will stop there and save it for another blog. My point is, it’s ok to occasionally enjoy a bit of chocolate! 


When you head to and read Carole’s bio, it’s immediately apparent how passionate she is about the benefits of the right type of chocolate. So you know that a lot of thought and research as been invested in making these chocolates something a little out of the ordinary. 

All of Carole’s chocolates are nutritionally balanced and have been independently tested and endorsed by registered nutritionist, Emily Wood.  

Carole asked me to try the Sample Weekender Kit from her Wellness Range.  

Each Kit contains:

2 hot choc shots (post exercise shot)

3 bars of Apple pie (pre exercise)3 bars of booster/positivity (daily)

3 bars of funky monkey (post exercise)

Along with a mini online booklet is sent for you to see all the list of benefits these mighty bars do for you! 


Now admittedly I don’t have a huge sweet tooth and I prefer to run in the morning, so it took some time to get my head around effectively having chocolate for breakfast. It’s  However, these chocolates come in little bite size bars which are perfect for a little ‘pick me up’ before heading out the door or when you’re on the move. The sprinkling of flavourings on top of each bar also adds an extra layer of excitement to the taste buds.. delicious!  


I also LOVED the chocolate shots, probably more so than the bars, if I’m honest - they’re perfect for fixing that mid afternoon ‘crash’ in energy and really do taste quite amazing.  They come in a small vial which you keep in the fridge - give them a little shake before use and that’s it! 

In summary, these chocolates really are something special and a lot of thought has gone into how these can compliment your training as well as just being a day to day treat. Like anything, I imagine you’d need to make it a regular part of your nutrition to experience the full benefit but it is chocolate after all, so how hard can it be??