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David Blick

After training for various triathlons on my own, this year I wanted to beat my target time for an Ironman of 12 hours (and my friend of course). Training throughout the year had been going well, although my overall speed was not improving much, thinking logically I needed some professional guidance to improve my power and core. After hearing about Lauren as Personal Trainer and also an endurance athlete, the mix seemed like a good idea. Quickly after the first session it was clear Lauren will have a positive impact, and supplement my own training. Lauren makes the sessions fun; escalates the difficulty as you improve which has maximised the impact on my fitness. Post Ironman race I have decided to continue to use Lauren, continually building my strength and agility, especially as the nights draw in, motivation can become a problem in the winter for me and the sessions have certainly provided me with a boost. Thanks to additional support from Lauren I managed to beat my target time of sub 12 hours - which I was very chuffed about. (Oh and my friend too!!). 

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Helena Harpham

In early 2016, I found the courage to join a local running group called Run Like a Girl, the beginners class started in April and with the groups help I was going to complete the Couch to 5km programme. 

The email I received from the lady who ran the group was from Lauren Gregory. Lauren’s email to me was so understanding and  I felt she really understood my situation, and that she really believed that I could achieve the Beginners programme.. and I did! 

After completing the 8 week programme, I felt empowered and I was really pleased with myself. At long last I had finally invested some time in myself to do something that I never thought was possible. 

I soon learned that Lauren was a Personal Trainer. Until meeting Lauren I was always intimidated at the thought of trying to ‘get fit’ because I felt totally stupid and embarrassed even admitting that to myself let alone to a Personal Trainer. 

The feeling of empowerment overrode the embarrassment and I finally decided to contact Lauren again, I explained to her that I wanted to invest time & effort in myself so that I could feel more empowered. 

I wanted to increase my stamina, physical strength, confidence, fitness, speed and be a better runner. This was a big ask of both myself and Lauren but I’ve since learned that she is always up for a challenge! 

Since August this year I have been training with Lauren twice a week, I’ve got more energy now than ever before. I'm no longer tired all of the time, so we’ve achieved the stamina goal. I can lift my two 30kg dogs in and out of the car, so I’m definately stronger. I can feel power in my legs when I run and I can accelerate my speed which feels amazing! I’m more confident now and understand the ‘moves’ which Lauren asks me to do. 

I recently completed a ‘casual’ 8 mile trail run with a group of girls I didn’t know previously. Although I didn’t run all of the distance, I really pushed myself and it's the furthest I’ve run so far.  I’ve completed hill training & sprint sessions, and whilst it is difficult at times, Lauren is always helping me to push the boundaries of my comfort zone. Physically I am changing shape, I’m seeing muscle tone in my arms & legs, which motivates me even more

Most of all I enjoy the boxing & lifting weights because feeling strong makes me feel youthful and empowered. I cannot recommend Lauren highly enough, she has helped me make a huge difference in my life. Not only is she a fantastic Personal Trainer, she is kind, empathetic & really funny too. 

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Beverley Wallington

Twelve months ago I sustained a twisted knee, which rendered me unable to participate in sport. I lost my confidence and I became anxious that running would become a distant memory. Following physiotherapy, with doubts and little hope, I contacted Lauren. Listening without interruption to my story, I knew the advice she gave was from the heart.  For the first time in months, I was excited at the prospect of running again. 

As well as recovering from injury I was keen to improve my  fitness and having joined Run Like a Girl, I had first hand experience of Lauren's training style and how motivation and belief leads to success. 

Without hesitation I booked 1 - 1 sessions with Lauren Gregory Personal Training and couldn't wait to get started. I have been training on a 1 - 1 basis once a week for approximately 3 months of which I absolutely love, as Lauren is genuinely interested in her clients and what they are looking to achieve. 

Having been injured I honestly thought my running days were over, but I now know different,  as I am running on a regular basis which is a great feeling.

Without Lauren’s belief in me, I would have never regained belief in myself. 

Edd Kenny-Levick

In October last year I signed up to a charity boxing match in aid of Cancer Research. I needed something to focus on and once I had committed, I knew there was no going back. Part of the deal was 8 weeks free boxing training, but the rest was up to me.  I had the ability to learn new skills, but following a bit of research I became acutely aware of the importance of total body fitness if I was going to survive 3 rounds in a real ring. If anything would let me down, it would be my fitness. The match was to take place a week before Christmas in front of an audience of 1500 people.

With 10 weeks to go, I was making slow progress so on the recommendation of a very good friend, I approached Lauren and asked if she fancied taking on a bit of a project. Her instant enthusiasm was an immediate boost and we met for an initial consultation and to plan what turned out to be a very specific program with clear focal points that were designed to optimise and build upon what I would truly need in order to succeed. I wanted to lose a few kilos, but more importantly be fit enough to give a good show.

We met once a week for 10 weeks. and despite my hectic work schedule, Lauren was always ready to work around a rather random routine and sometimes at very short notice. She was always sensitive to the limitations my 45 year old body presented to us and managed to accommodate a couple of old injuries that flared up during training which threatened to bring a halt to the whole plan.

I particularly remember receiving a video message via Whatapp late one night whilst on business in Milan while I frantically nursed a failing knee joint. I was panicking about it, but the video was Lauren, in her kitchen, painstakingly and succinctly explaining a specific exercise to address the issue in her usual calm and friendly style. This was integrated into my “Hotel Room Workout” which Lauren had previously designed for me, and sure enough 10 days later I was cured.

There seems to be very little Lauren does not know about effective exercise, and more importantly, she clearly knows how to apply her knowledge to achieve very specific objectives. She also knows how to take you just beyond your comfort zone, without destroying whatever confidence you’ve built so far. 

And the fight? Well, I won, and I raised £2,300 for Cancer Research UK. And of course, Lauren was there, quite literally cheering me on to the end. But the real prize was my new core strength and bonus 6 pack that I got in time for Christmas! 

Julie Peach

I had dabbled in the occasional run as part of my weekly fitness activity, but my preference was always to do weights rather than cardio. Then in September 16, I came across ‘Run Like a girl’.  My interest was piqued and having bumped into Lauren in the gym, she persuaded me to join the intermediate sessions.

The fun, sociable and knowledgeable training sessions began, and the group’s enthusiasm to achieve goals was infectious. An idea took seed in my head. As part of my ‘things to do before I am 60’, maybe I could run a 10k? Hmm. In December 2016 I went out for a run on my own, and yes I managed to cover 10k, though it took me well over an hour – so game on.

In January I contacted Lauren and she could not have been more supportive, or more enthusiastic. I sort of set a goal to run the 10k at Draycote Water on 26th February. And perhaps I could do it in 59 minutes – 59 minutes at age 59. Seemed like a good idea. After a chat with Lauren on the phone she understood perfectly what I needed and before I knew it Lauren had sent me a 7 week training plan to achieve this goal. Suddenly it had become real.

I was now running with a purpose, against a fixed training plan which covered interval training, hill repeats and distances mixed in with my ongoing weights sessions. It suited me perfectly.  I also joined the newly created classes of ‘Runfit’ run by Lauren on a Monday night over at Southam, which added into my general fitness mix.

3 weeks into the plan I ran a decent time on an 8k training run and already felt as though the training was paying off. Lauren kept constant surveillance on my progress with regular motivational social media contact. She then upped my 10k target time, so no time allowed for resting on my laurels.

As a ‘race virgin’ Lauren had then kindly offered to be my pacemaker on the day, and I was so grateful for that. I knew I could do the 59 minutes, just how much under was the question.

So on a cold and windy morning I joined the 476 other runners and set off, huffing and puffing my way round, listening to Lauren’s expert advice every step of the way. The last kilometre was a nightmare, into a full head-on wind, hanging onto Lauren’s ‘coat tails’ for all I was worth. Time achieved 54 minutes 33 seconds!

I can honestly say it has been a great journey. Lauren has introduced me to a complete new running sorority - through ‘Run like a Girl’. Giving up her personal time was indicative of her generous nature and of her natural supportive, motivational and ‘can do’ attitude. She is selfless, patient, and knowledgeable, and certainly got the very best out of me! All this finished off with her big bright smile… what more could you want in a Personal Trainer.

Thanks for all your help Lauren – and thanks again for passing on this running bug!